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EYG was founded in 2014 by one of the primer leaders of real property sector, Ömer Faruk Çelik with a notion of work which aims to develop innovative work models in order to play an active role in building of a sustainable future of the real property sector.

Incorporating the brands Evvel Istanbul, Adım Istanbul, Evdeki Fırsat, Kentsel Yönetim, Üç Öğün and Dekor'S under a single umbrella, EYG, who operates in a wide range of fields form project development to sales and after sales services in the real property sector, is the Housing Expert of Turkey.


We have achieved a phenomenal success beyond our expectations

Dear Shareholders,

Certainly, 2015 was a year full of expectations. The election term until June upon the coalition negotiations continued until November and finally the formation of government and continuity of stability. The sector also goes into a standby period during election terms. The market which became stagnated during the election term has begun becoming active after the elections. Despite some descends and ascends, we can say year 2015 has been a good year in terms of the housing sector. If, we consider the numeric data, while 925 thousands of houses were sold until November, 2014, this figure is observed as 1 millions and 40 thousands. The predicted growth of the sector compared to the previous year is 12 percent.

If, we make a brief assessment as EYG, as EYG Group, we have been in the sector almost for one and a half year. While, we were establishing EYG, our objective was to do something different than the other existing firms. So, we have been working on that since the establishment date. We have taken several steps in becoming different in accordance with that objective.

We have established a new market field by We have get into face-to-face communication with our customers by establishing a brand new system in order to comply with advancing technology and progress with it. While, we were establishing this model we imagined: Let's create an environment where branded projects of Istanbul are present, people have a real-estate pool which they can analyze and make comparisons when they come home. Whereas, we did not ignore the desire of our people not to purchase anything without seeing. We also get into physical contact with our customers through our sales offices.

The strategy of is to work with the sector players as a solution partner without any competition and ensure the real-estate buyers make investments with absolute gain. We have succeeded in it in a short time as 18 months. Today, we are serving a stock of more than a stock of 1500 houses and 17 projects of our portfolio which we have begun with a single project. Our business model which was adopted by the manufacturers and consumers has doubled its target in a such short while. We have closed 2015 by selling 900 houses and 500 millions of TRY of turnover and we have become the number one address for the ones who desires to purchase houses from brand projects and the manufacturer firms who want to sell their houses.

The construction of Evvel Istanbul, as the first project of EYG Group which we have begun in 2014 has still been continuing. When, we have begun real-estate development we thought what we could do in respect of becoming different. We have decided to construct houses for middle-income group with better social facilities and solutions. Evvel Istanbul is the first fruit of that decision. We have received serious demands before and after the launching and sold 90 percent of 678 houses.

We have begun Adım İstanbul project towards the end of 2015 in our journey which we have begun on the motto as establishing a single project addressing middle-income level each year rather than multiple projects in the same year. We have sold 25 percent of the project with 615 houses within 2 months. In this project, we have moved off from the "heart" concept. We have desired that our project would become the heart of its region. We have aimed to present a living space with square stores, food & beverage sections where people can go out, enjoy themselves and do shopping.

In general sense, as EYG we can say that we have left a successful year despite all stagnation and expectancies. New and beautiful projects and objectives are waiting for us in 2016 in accordance with our new projects we have begun in that term and objectives we have determined for developing our business.

Best regards,
Ömer Faruk Çelik
President of the Executive Board

On this way we set out with the philosophy of 'taking it a step further than everyone else', we as EYG, place the approaches of quality, benefit, sustainability and innovation right in the heart of every step we take and every project we develop.

We create new generation living spaces by combining our craftsmanship and expertise with the state of art technology for development of boutique and qualified projects.

We create new generation living spaces by combining our craftsmanship and expertise with the state of art technology for development of boutique and qualified projects.
With the purpose of developing safe houses with high durability and in compliance with earthquake regulations, we take all measures and running the highly effective control mechanism we created at all stages of our projects. Thanks to this mechanism, every stage of production processes is developed in guarantee to comply with high quality standards.


As EYG, we produce eco-friendly projects with the aim of the development of the society as well as enhancement of life standards of individuals, base our environment policies on the principle of maintaining the balance of the nature.

With every project we launch with the sense of enriching the nature and the life, we undertake to comply with global environmentalism standards and supervise our work on regular basis in terms of its effects on the environment at every stage of our production. We create eco-friendly living spaces by meeting environmental legislative regulations.